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Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests

Our company can carry out vibroacoustic measurements and tests in the following scope:

  • measurement, calculation and analysis of torsional vibrations of ships' units (torsional vibrations test), theoretical calculation of torsional vibrations;
  • measurement and analysis of vibrations level(vibration-based diagnostics).

The requirements of Russian maritime register of shipping for the above mentioned tests:

Torsional vibrations tests of propulsion units' diesels (main engine) has to be carried out for ones with rated power not less than 75kWt.

Torsional vibrations tests of auxiliary diesel-generating units has to be carried out for ones with rated power not less than 110kWt.

Torsional vibrations tests have to be carried out with different aims:

  • to define the serviceability rating of torsional vibration damper;
  • to carry out the diagnostics of propulsion units (to define the condition of flexible connections, the condition of propulsion units' junctions, the condition of propeller);
  • to carry out the diagnostics of reduction gears;
  • to define the grade of fuel outfit adjustment and ect.

Theoretical calculation of torsional vibrations has to be done:

1. in case of any changes in ship's shaft units which were done on the serial ship or in a unit;

2. in case of change in the diesel-generating unit of diesel engine, power generator, flexible coupling.

Measurement and analysis of vibrations level (vibration-based diagnostics) has to be done for the ship in operation after modernization: after the change of main and auxiliary diesels, generators and other arrangements of critical function. It has to be done for structural members of ship's hull, for the shell plating, for main and auxiliary units on board a ship.